Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And sometimes we fall...

Sometimes we stumble, other times we fall....sometimes we fall harder than we ever did before. And when we hit rock bottom, whose going to be there to help us stand back up again?

For the independent types, we help ourselves. We are our own helping hand and we don't dare let anyone see us stumble...let alone fall. And when we do fall (because everyone does), we can't allow ourselves to admit that we can't stand back up again.

So what do we do....when we finally hit the bottom? When we have all the odds against us? When our legs give out and we can't move? When we have exhausted all other options of how to do it on our own? Do we just lie there....motionless...and give up?

When we lie there...feeling defeated...we can make a choice.

We can breathe...and swallow our pride... or we can accept something less than what we are capable of.

Pride is not takes a proud person to be strong enough to know his/her limits... to reach out for that helping hand.

The worst part about falling is not the stumble or the fall or that we've hit rock bottom....HOWEVER the worst part is that it you hit rock bottom and chose to remain defeated.

We have a choice... and when we are ready to fight for it, when we are ready to breathe again... NEVER,EVER forget that there are those in our lives who will always promise to be there to help you stand back up....

Even if it takes a couple of attempts at reaching up for their hand, even if your grip loosens once or twice, even if you let go when you were half way up....they will ALWAYS be there to make sure that at some point you will be standing up again...

Thank you Maria & Cam

(a work in progress)