Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Get's the Poo out of Pooch"

Ok seriously, I know that my puppy Barbie is still a puppy and everything...but eating her POO?! COME ON! I did not sign up for this! Ewwww! Oh she doesn't discriminate either on which poo she chews on....GROSS!

I am still potty training her, so sometimes she may have an accident on the carpet. Mind you I'm never in the same room as her when she does it, it's like she knows I'm not watching her so she goes into the other room and lays one on the carpet! I don't see her for a couple minuets so I know shes up to something. I yell her name and still no Barbie, so I go into the next room and there she is eating her poo! I don't know if she is eating it because she likes the taste or if she is eating it because she knows she just went poo on the carpet and thinks if she destroys the evidence that she won't get in trouble!

And than, if that isn't bad enough, she eats it from her litter box when she's home alone! So its dry and has litter all over it, and she thinks she's slick because I wasn't home when she did it. But what her little puppy mind fails to comprehend is that the litter gets stuck all over her face! I have to pull the litter off because it dries and is like flippin super glue! SICK! And the worst part is that I can't even punish her because its hours after the fact and she only remembers what she did like 2 seconds ago!

This little puppy is sooo damn cute that you wouldnt think she can be such a terror! UGH! I think she really waits for me be busy doing something too for her to do it. Like when I'm getting ready for work in the monring. I let her out of her crate so she can eat and go potty and play before I have to go to work. But as I'm getting ready for work, of course she doesn't want to play with her toys, she wants to act like a monster dog! Barking and eating everything off the floor and pooping and eating it! So then once I catch her its too late because I have to go to work of course I'm already running late!

She probably thinks she lives the good life right? But I'm the boss and I really know how to put my foot down and teach her a lesson! You know what I do? I don't put the Animal Planet on for her! HA! take that crazy little poo eater! You don't get to watch Animal Planet when I'm gone, instead you are forced to be bored and entertain yourself! HA!

Come to think of it...she's a puppy, she's enterains herself all the time and she never ever gets bored....Crap she does live the good life! :::SIGH::: Barbie wins, I lose.