Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What WOMEN want, how do you not know this?!!

1. If you're interested, than show her you're interested! And sorry guys, only trying to see her late night is NOT showing her you are interested in HER. In a woman's mind, that is a booty call, DUH. And no woman want's to be your booty call sweet heart!Keep it to day time and evening hours Mr.Savy.

2. Give her attention she deserves! Come on guys, lets face it, your "3-day" no call no text rule is getting you no where so get over your lame EGO. Pick up the phone, call her or text her just to say HI, so she knows she is on your mind. That will keep her interested buddy!

3. Leave your one liners and your mouth piece at home or at the bar! If she's a real woman than you should assume she has heard it all from every douchebag that has crossed her path! No the corny one liner that worked on the girl around the corner isn't working on her. And guess what? We know when your just telling us what we want to hear, or actually what YOU THINK we want to hear.

4. Carry a conversation! Talking about the last party you went to with your buddies and how drunk you got from taking shots until 4AM is not cute and is a TURN OFF, which means you aren't getting nothing from her! Woman like to talk about things that matter, like your job, what your passions are, and aspirations. Most importantly ask her about HER, ya BIRD BRAIN!Show her you want to know what makes her who she IS!

5. Open her doors and give her your jacket when its cold! WOW really?? Are you that clueless?? I mean this is basics you learn when your 5 years old! Don't be lazy and don't be so self-centered that you can't walk around the car to her door and open it for her! And if your outside and she has no jacket and your sitting there shivering and saying how freezing it is outside, do not ask her "are you cold, do you want my jacket?" GIVE HER your jacket, you know she's cold and she doesn't need to say it.

6. She is a PRINCESS! and her Dad has probably always treated her that way! Which means, YES, she does expect you to make her FEEL SPECIAL! Figure out what makes her smile and blush, do the little things to make her feel like you are putting her on a pedalstal! If you have no idea how to do that on your own, than your a lost cause and you shouldn't be allowed to date.

7. STAY POSITIVE! No one likes a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy! We are not your mother and we are not here to listen to you complain and whine about how bad you have it or how the world is out to get you! Woman like confidence and strength! Negative Nancy isn't getting a second date and your going to make yourself like a train wreck. We don't wanna hear it!

HARSH??!! NO, HONEST!! Guys, get over yourselves and learn how to treat a woman...your not in high school anymore and whatever your doing now obviously ain't workin. ; )

Keep trying.

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